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Silvermine Stone
$15.00/Sqft. ($120.00/box flats)


  • Do you have a return policy on Builder's Supply products?          Yes, we do. RETURN POLICY- All returns will be at the manager's discretion.  There will be absolutely no returns on: Package Products, Block, Special Order Items, Brick/Stone  *Restocking fee of 20% will apply for all items.  ALL ITEMS MUST BE RETURNED WITH A RECEIPT WITHIN (7) DAYS OF ORIGINAL PURCHASE!  

  • How long do I have to get the concrete off of the truck?      Waiting Time- 6 Minutes per cubic yard is allowed for unloading.  Excess (waiting time) to be charged at the rate of $150.00/hour

  • Do you have a minimum amount of yardage?                                               4 yards is our minimum without being charged a short load charge.  The least amount of yardage we will put on a truck is 2 yards but you will be charged a short load for it.

  • How far do the chutes on the truck reach?  

    Our trucks reach appox. 14-16ft from the front bumper to the end of the chutes.

  • Will the driver be able to bring an extra chute to the job?

      No.  Our trucks come with the chutes that are available for that truck. 

  • Do you rent your power buggy?

        Yes, we do. Our Daily Rental Fee is:  $150.00. We also have a weekly rental of $450.00.

  • Do you supply stone?

Yes, we do!  We have state-certified #57 Limestone, #8 Gravel, #8 Limestone, and non-state certified 2A Modified in stock. We can get other non-state, and state-certified stone.  Call for stone, and delivery pricing.

  • Do you have a pump truck?

Yes we do, it is a 32 Meter Schwing pump.  Call in for pricing.

  • What is the phone number for the billing department? 724-537-6023- this is our main office