integral color

Our Color Machine

Our color machine can make approximately 1,500 different colors using a powder pigment.  We make can make colors from all manufacturers.  Most common are Interstar, Increte, Soloman, Butterfield, and Davis.  

Stop in today to pick up one of our color charts.  Please note that integral color costs more per yard for concrete and the cost varies on the color that you choose.  We will NOT choose your color for you.

What is integral color?

Integral color  is an iron oxide pigment that is used to color the concrete.  This color goes directly into the mixer truck before any materials or added, or before the truck is poured out.   Using integral color is beneficial for coloring the concrete the entire way through as opposed to using it on top (color hardener).   The cost itself could be a drawback as it costs more to color the concrete per yard as opposed to using a color hardener.  To learn more about integral concrete please refer to  as a good reference.  As always if you have any questions please feel free to ask.